The Person You Like & Why You Like Them

30 Day Challenge: Day 6 (delayed)

I’m so incredibly behind on my 30 day challenge but, c’est le vie. Things happen.

This one is actually rather easy to answer in the sense that I’m currently not attracted to anyone, physically or otherwise so I have nothing to describe, haha.


5 Things That Irritate You About the Opposite/Same Sex

30 Day Challenge: Day 5 (delayed)

The 5 things that irritate me about the opposite sex actually kinda go hand in hand with what irritates me about the same sex:

1. Obnoxious attitude/personality
2. Bad hygiene
3. Being a hypocrite
4. No sense of humor
5. & of course, being a liar


Jan 9

What You Wear to Bed

30 Day Challenge: Day 4 (delayed)

Lately, because it has been pretty cold where I live, I’ve mostly been wearing flannel pants & a variety of college sweatshirts.

Jan 6

What Kind of Person Attracts You?

30 Day Challenge: Day 3 (delayed)

Something I have always found attractive in guys is the ability to make me laugh. Granted, most guys guys want a girl to laugh at every single joke they tell but that’s not how I roll. Honestly, humor is a big “must-have” in my book. I have a twisted, dirty, dry & sarcastic sense of humor & nobody is safe from that. If a guy can give as good as he gets…ooh, la la.

Another thing I find attractive is good hygiene. *sigh* Dude, if you can walk by me smelling like you’re fresh out of the shower with clothes that are fresh out of the dryer, watch out because I’m zeroing in on you, kid. Cleanliness is a necessity for me. And honestly, who doesn’t want a guy that smells amazing? Doy. Grooming is always a plus as well. Some of the physical things I look at are eyebrows, teeth, & nails. Now, I’m not saying I want you to take three hours to get ready to go out, but a little maintenance never hurt anyone.

Finally, being family oriented & hopefully (wishful thinking) musically talented. Family is, has always been, & will always be a big deal to me. If you’re someone who always prefers to be alone, then that is exactly what you will get from me. There’s always going to be drama in a big family, especially mine, (doy, Mexican & Filipino, eesh), but I would love to be with someone who will stick by my side no matter what goes on. And as far as the whole musically talented thing goes, if you can sing, dance, or play a musical instrument that can & will make me swoon…I’m yours.


Jan 6

How Have You Changed in the Last 2 Years?

30 Day Challenge: Day 2(delayed)

This is kind of a loaded question for me. Let’s see…in the past 2 years, I have had my heart broken for the first time which in turn closed me off to the opposite gender for a while. I’ve never had that happen to me so, quite obviously, I didn’t now how to deal with it. In the worst cliché possible, I turned to food for comfort. It’s an awful reason to have let myself get to the weight I’m at now, but nonetheless it was my reason at the time. After my first relationship ended, I reconnected with an old friend (male) & it was nice, at first. Then it became too much for me because he constantly wanted something I wasn’t willing to give. Suffice it to say, that almost-relationship ended on my terms but it ended kinda badly. On top of those two relationships, I was having a constant stream of bad days at work & was almost always getting the blame for wrongdoings.

In the past two years, I’ve learned a lot about myself, in a way. I (finally) learned that I’m deserving of love & respect. I’ve had my eyes opened by the little family that I’ve created for myself, in the sense that, they have shown me that I’m pretty damn awesome.

So yeah, two years ago, I was stupidly & blindly letting people walk all over me. Now? I’m standing my ground & I have to admit…it feels pretty good.


Jan 2

The Meaning Behind Your Tumblr Name

30 Day Challenge: Day One

My Tumblr name: shotheartstrings

The meaning behind it is actually kinda simple. When I first heard Lady Gaga’s song “Speechless,” the one lyric that stuck with me the most was “You popped my heart seams. On my bubble dreams, bubble dreams.” The line ‘you popped my heart seams’ struck a chord with me at that point in my life.

So, in my odd functioning little mind, ‘you popped my heart seams’ became ‘you shot my heart strings.’

Hence, shotheartstrings.

Happy New Year. =]

I went from work to play in 10 minutes flat on Saturday. Me gusta.

I went from work to play in 10 minutes flat on Saturday. Me gusta.

Best. Friday. Ever. 02152013&#160;
At the happiest place on Earth with someone who is equally as happy and just as much of a kid as I am.

Best. Friday. Ever. 02152013 
At the happiest place on Earth with someone who is equally as happy and just as much of a kid as I am.

Dear Future Me,

If ever you find yourself in this position again later on in life, remember that this is what you should do…this is what you must do…this is what you WILL do.

You have to stop. You have to close your eyes and breathe. You have to look him in the eye. You have to walk away with your own heart in your hands. You. Have. To. Stop.

As you walk away, you will remember this: He is not worth it. If he was worth it, would he have hurt you so much for so long?

You know what you will do now.

So do it.

Oct 4
"Are we so different?"

"Are we so different?"